Testimonials & Reviews


Keith Collins

Denver CO

One late winter day I joined Dave on some of the last remaining patches of snow at the base of a local ski resort. With no instruction, I jumped on Dave’s bike and pointed it down the slope into the snow. With just a couple of shifts of my weight I was heading down at a good clip. A slight turn of the front wheel and, just like a bike, I was changing direction to get some better snow on a better line. The snow ran out before I was done so I quickly headed back up for another run.

The BikeBoard seems like a great way for someone to enjoy their bike and the snow. It’s a no-brainer. I immediately thought of a dozen different ways I could use it for fun, training, and travel.

Brian Hannon

Boulder CO

As a cyclist who has raced road and mountain bikes for the last 30 years, as a bike shop employee and bike shop owner and as a person who has bike toured all over this planet, I was skeptical upon seeing the BikeBoards and after having Dave Bach tell me about them. I decided to buy a pair without having even tried them because Dave is a friend of mine and because I could see his enthusiasm for the BikeBoards. I first tried the boards on a snow-packed trail near Steamboat Springs and was immediately impressed by the ease of use and the gain in speed gliding through snow! It’s possible to pedal with the board on the front tire even on the uphills. The softer the snow, the greater the advantage over a tire…even the fattest of the fat-bike tires cannot compete with the efficiency (and Fun-Factor) of the BikeBoards!! Coming down any hill was an absolute revelation! Pure Fun! A never-ending grin formed on my face as I laughed at the ease and speed of coming down a snow covered trail or road and literally carving around corners where previously I had been sliding and slipping with two fat mtb tires! The joy and fun of this product cannot be overstated. The fun factor is huge and I’m only talking from a cross-country riders perspective. When I imagine riders with downhill bikes strapping on two skis and using lift access to come down ski areas or bmx riders doing tricks in snow half-pipes then I realize how big a success this product could be!! BikeBoards just add another element or layer of fun to winter for all of us who love to ride our bikes!

Thane Wright

Rocky Mountain Endurance

Following is a brief summary of my experience with BikeBoards:

I was impressed with the simplicity and ease with which the BikeBoards were attached to my wheel. It made riding down the snow field a quick and easy task. The warm spring sun had already begun to soften the snow, and it would have been impossible to ride down on just regular tires without sinking in to the hubs. However with the BikeBoard on the front wheel, it provided enough flotation to glide down, while the rear tire without the board provided forward momentum through regular pedaling. The learning curve was instantaneous, as was the fun of riding on snow.

Bradley Berger

I have used BikeBoards a number of times this past winter, and the most exciting part about them might very well be that I was able to use my own bicycle with them. By that I mean that the BikeBoards are amazing in that they allow any mountain bike to quickly be converted to a snow bike, and just as quickly switched back. This aspect alone opens up a huge range of possibilities in the mountain bike touring realm and enables people to continue exploring and riding all through the winter. And in addition to this riding the bike boards is an awesome experience. I grew up in the mountains and first learned how to ski around the same time that I was learning how to walk. I honestly don’t remember not being able to ski. I have also been an avid mountain biker and general cyclist for many years now and have raced competitively for the past five years. That being the case, I am really excited by the prospect of combining the two sports, or at least bringing cycling into the realm of skiing. It really is a ton of fun to ride a bike down a big snow covered hill, or bomb down through a gulch without the front tire diving into the snow. I really love the feeling of descending on a bicycle, so being able to do so in the snow was wonderful!

It might be important to note that there certainly is something of a learning curve and handling the bicycle with the BikeBoards on them is tricky at first. But I would say that this is a similar characteristic held by any number of other sports, not least of which being mountain bike and skiing themselves. It is also important to note that steep learning curves don’t prevent people from learning a skill as we have seen with any number of other action sports. We will spend the time and take the hits necessary to get the hang of new things, because it’s exciting and fun. I really have had a wonderful time getting a feel for BikeBoards and what is possible on them. This winter I’m excited to use them further and in different situations. I really think that this invention opens up a whole other world in mountain biking. I can easily see the product being used by downhillers to bomb down ski resorts, dirt-jumpers to push the envelope of tricks that can be done on a bicycle, and also by mountain bike touring folk and bike-packers who can move their winter adventures into new territory well into the snowy mountains.

In my mind, the best aspect of BikeBoards is that they utilize your current equipment. You are able to use whatever mountain bike you like and take it onto the snow. This makes BikeBoards both simpler and more versatile than existing snow-bike products.

Alex Minkel

When I was first introduced to BikeBoards a few things went through my head… Wow this sounds awesome and why has nobody thought of this before. I also thought this sounds a little dangerous. I immediately dismissed the last thought because anyone who thinks strapping skis to a bike is a good idea has probably done several things far stupider. BikeBoards, in my opinion, are going to become the next big thing in outdoor extreme sports. They can be tailored to every individual’s comfort level and physical ability. For the more relaxed approach, one can strap a ski on the front tire and cruise on the groomed cross-country ski trails while soaking up the scenery. For a little more aggressive person, use that same front ski set-up and take it to the slopes. With the rear tire tracking on the snow, you still have full braking function. And finally for the full-on adrenaline junkie, it doesn’t get any more fun than strapping on two skis, saying your prayers, and going balls to the wall downhill. Like anything new, there is a learning curve but with a few hours of getting comfortable and familiar with the product it will provide years of affordable entertainment and excitement.


BikeBoards provide the newest way to ride your bike on the snow. The BikeBoard Kit performs like a ski conversion kit but without modfication to your bike. The ski kit attaches with a pressure fit to your tire.

U.S. Patent 8,851,485B; CA 2870468; JP 6086458
International and other patents pending