Bike & Cargo Trailers

BikeBoards are a great tool for making sure your cargo trailer doesn’t weigh you down in the snow. Whether heading into the backcountry with your cargo for snow camping, hunting, or other transport, you can convert your wheeled cargo trailer for snow without taking off the wheels.

Adventurers push the limits and the boundaries, but to reach new limits being prepared is paramount. One of our greatest inspirations is Karl Bushby, adventurer and author, who set his own challenge to be the first person to completely walk an unbroken path around the world. We continue to be inspired by dreamers and explorers alike that can never be deterred from reaching their goal.

For more about Karl Bushby, check out these links:

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BikeBoards provide the newest way to ride your bike on the snow. The BikeBoard Kit performs like a ski conversion kit but without modfication to your bike. The ski kit attaches with a pressure fit to your tire.

U.S. Patent 8,851,485B; CA 2870468; JP 6086458
International and other patents pending